Central Semiconductor Corp.


Central Semiconductor Corp.
  • CFSH05-20L Schottky Diode

    Central Semiconductor's space saving, low profile Schottky diode for applications including DC-DC conversion and circuit protection.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 166

  • HyperFast Rectifiers

    Central Semiconductor’s CMR5H-06 (5 A), CHD8-06 (8 A) and CTLHR10-06 (10 A) are 600 V rectifiers designed specifically for extremely fast switching applications.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 152

  • 600 V UltraMOS™ MOSFETs

    Central Semiconductor offers their UltraMOS series of high-voltage, high-efficiency MOSFETs designed to minimize total conduction losses while maximizing power density.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 220

  • CDM2206-800LR N-Channel MOSFET

    Central Semiconductor's CDM2206-800LR is an 800 V N-Channel MOSFET designed for high voltage, fast switching applications such as Power Factor Correction (PFC), lighting, and power inverters.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 139

  • CSICD05-1200 and CSICD10-1200 Schottky Rectifiers

    Central Semiconductor’s CSICD05-1200 and CSICD10-1200 devices are 1200 V silicon carbide Schottky rectifiers designed for high frequency systems where energy efficiency and thermal performance are

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 164

  • CMOZ2V4 and CMOZ1L8 Series Zener Diodes

    Central Semiconductor's CMOZ2V4 and CMOZ1L8 series of Zener diodes are high-quality voltage regulators in the epoxy-molded ULTRAmini™ SOD-523 package.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 181

  • CMSD2004S/CMSD2005S High-Voltage Switching Diodes

    Central Semiconductors' CMSD2004S and CMSD2005S are dual, in series silicon switching diodes manufactured by the epitaxial planar process.

    By Central Semiconductor Corp. 133