• MagneticUSB® Connector Solutions

    Rosenberger’s MagneticUSB® solutions are designed for the USB 2.0 consumer and industrial devices for the various USB connector types.

    By Rosenberger 195

  • RoPD® Rosenberger Power Data Series

    Rosenberger RoPD® magnetic locking system makes a reliable connection even in hard-to-reach positions and forced disconnection will not damage the connectors.

    By Rosenberger 224

  • Rosenberger Diagnostic Interface (RoDI®) Seri

    Rosenberger's RoDI® series of connectors features easy connection and disconnection thanks to its self-connecting magnetic locking system.

    By Rosenberger 243

  • WSMP® Coaxial RF Connectors

    Rosenberger's WSMP Coaxial RF Connectors are 45% smaller than SMP and 35% smaller than mini SMP connectors and are designed for high-density applications.

    By Rosenberger 282

  • RosenbergerHSD® Connector Series

    Rosenberger's high speed data (HSD) connector series are designed for the industrial market, e.g., LVDS camera, USB, and IEEE 1394 applications.

    By Rosenberger 223