Productos de Thomas Research


Productos de Thomas Research
  • LED100WPS1-24 Switch Mode LED Driver

    Thomas Research Products' LED100WPS1-24 switch mode LED driver is designed as a power supply for a wide variety of applications.

    By Thomas Research Products 82

  • SelectSYNC™ Intelligent Programmable LED Drivers

    Thomas Research Products has introduced an entirely new family of feature-rich programmable LED drivers under the SelectSync name.

    By Thomas Research Products 78

  • LBU10-P Emergency LED Driver

    Thomas Research Products LBU10-P emergency LED driver will provide constant 10 W of emergency lighting for at least 90 minutes. Distinct from other battery packs, this ensures a constant illuminat

    By Thomas Research Products 113

  • Emergency LED Driver Family

    Thomas Research Products' LBU series emergency driver expanded family offers cost-effective solutions for LED luminaires.

    By Thomas Research Products 130

  • SSP3 Series LED Driver Surge Protector

    Thomas Research Products' SSP3 series provides one of the most comprehensive lines of surge protectors in North America designed specifically for lighting.

    By Thomas Research Products 89

  • NutriLED LED Horticulture Light

    The NutriLED lighting system by Thomas Research Products uses solid-state LED lighting that provides fine-tuned light to optimize growth rate and yield.

    By Thomas Research Products 107