Productos Térmicos


Productos Térmicos
  • What to know about cables?

    A cable is an assembly that connects two devices to transmit electrical signals and is formed by bonding, twisting or braiding two or more wires together.

    By Phoenix Contact 195

  • About Audio Extensions

    Audio products are specially designed and prepared devices, tools or software for processing, transmitting, storing or playing back audio signals.

    By Texas Instruments 205

  • Introduction to Audio Products

    Audio refers to sound signals that travel through sound waves. Audio plays an important role in everyday life.

    By Microchip / Microsemi 219

  • OA300ST Short Fan Tray

    Designed to provide a high CFM and cost effective solution for rack and enclosure applications, the OA300ST short fan tray is the newest addition to the Orion Fans' Fan Tray line.

    By Orion Fans 247

  • Dual Voltage Fans and Fan Trays

    Orion Fans provides equipment designers with economical cooling products for worldwide markets with a line of dual voltage AC fans and fan trays.

    By Orion Fans 173

  • OA180 Series AC Fans

    Orion Fans’ extensive AC fan line includes the OA180, ideal for applications as diverse as HVAC, wind turbines and data center applications.

    By Orion Fans 224

  • 60 VDC Orion Fans for Telecom Applications

    Orion Fans' family of higher-voltage 60 VDC fans, are designed specifically for telecom applications.

    By Orion Fans 198

  • Vane Axial Series Fans

    Orion Fans’ Vane Axial (VA) series provides exceptional airflow in applications with extremely high static pressure.

    By Orion Fans 230