• FT51A Series MCUs

    Bridgetek/FTDI's FT51A series is ideal for USB data acquisition, general purpose microcontrollers, and mass data storage for medical, industrial, and test instrumentation.

    By Bridgetek 134

  • FT51A Series Modules

    Bridgetek/FTDI's FT51A brings enhanced IO bridging to 8-bit MCU technology with an integrated USB device and hub port capabilities, ideal for cascading distributed computing tasks over USB.

    By Bridgetek 143

  • NerO Development Module

    Bridgetek/FTDI's NerO is a reference design for an energy efficient Arduino UNO compatible board based on the ATMEGA328 with the FTDI FT231X USB-UART, capable of operating at 5 V with a full 1

    By Bridgetek 175

  • CleO35A Smart TFT Display Shield Module

    Bridgetek/FTDI's CleO35A is a smart TFT display shield for Arduino that can be easily programmed to give professional looking HMI/GUIs with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming.

    By Bridgetek 168

  • FT93x Family of Embedded MCUs

    The Bridgetek FT93x series by FTDI are compact SuperBridge microcontrollers (MCUs) that deliver a flexible bridging solution between different technologies.

    By Bridgetek 152

  • FT81x Series ICs - Embedded Video Engine (EVE)

    Bridgetek/FTDI's FT81x series ICs support high-resolution graphics, audio control, and touch control in one integrated circuit (IC).

    By Bridgetek 133

  • Development Modules Featuring FT81x

    Bridgetek/FTDI FT81x series of easy to use graphics controllers targeted at embedded applications to generate high-quality human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

    By Bridgetek 144

  • BT81x Series Advanced Embedded Video Engine (EVE)

    Bridgetek/FTDI's BT81X series advanced EVE delivers excellent image and text quality with resolutions up to 800 pixels x 600 pixels and true 24-bit color depth.

    By Bridgetek 125

  • VM800P Embedded Video Engine Plus Module

    VM800P is a development module for Bridgetek/FTDI’s FT800, which is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT800 Embedded Video Engine, EVE.

    By Bridgetek 135

  • VM800P Daughter Cards

    Bridgetek/FTDI's Arduino-compatible VM800P ‘PLUS boards’ are based on the company’s FT800 EVE graphic controller device.

    By Bridgetek 205

  • VM801B Development Platform

    The VM801B is a development module for Bridgetek/FTDI's FT801.

    By Bridgetek 151

  • VM801P Development Platform

    Bridgetek/FTDI's VM801P "plus" provides a comprehensive, fully integrated, ready-to-use development system.

    By Bridgetek 179