Maxim integrado


Maxim integrado
  • MAX44009 and MAX44007 Digital Ambient Light Sensor

    Maxim's MAX44009 & MAX44007 digital ambient light sensors with ADCs feature an operating current of less than 1μA and an ultra-wide, 22-bit dynamic range.

    By Maxim Integrated 118

  • Novato Smart Temperature-Transmitter Reference Des

    Maxim’s Novato reference design measures temperatures from -200°C to 850°C with ±0.1% accuracy and features the HART communication protocol.

    By Maxim Integrated 172

  • IO-Link™ Devices

    Maxim Integrated’s complete portfolio of IO-link devices integrate value-adding features to provide design flexibility and offload the local processor.

    By Maxim Integrated 130

  • ECT/EPT Current Fault Sensor

    Maxim's ECT/EPT is a low-power sensor that may be placed at many points in the grid thereby increasing the granularity grid health data and fault location.

    By Maxim Integrated 151

  • MAXREFDES70# High-Precision, Long-Battery Life Hea

    The MAXREFDES70# ultrasonic time-of-flight flow meter by Maxim sends and receives ultrasound waves between piezoelectric transducers.

    By Maxim Integrated 119

  • MAXREFDES82# Smart Force Sensor

    Maxim Integrated’s MAXREFDES82# features a next generation of intelligent, industrial, smart force sensor.

    By Maxim Integrated 194

  • Optical Sensors

    Maxim provides leading-edge technology and reliable sensing with their ambient light, proximity, and body-wearable sensors.

    By Maxim Integrated 178

  • Heart Rate and Pulse Oximetry Monitor

    Maxim Integrated's MAXREFDES117# development board is a tiny, low-power board ideal for medical and wearable applications.

    By Maxim Integrated 213

  • MAXREFDES131# 1-Wire® Panasonic Grid-EYE®

    The Maxim MAXREFDES131# 1-Wire® Grid-EYE® sensor reference design is compatible with ARM mbed and Arduino platforms for rapid development.

    By Maxim Integrated 81

  • MAX30101 Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor

    Maxim’s MAX30101 is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitor module.

    By Maxim Integrated 112

  • MAX31875 Temperature Sensor

    Maxim’s portfolio of sensor ICs include temperature sensor, optical sensor, and sensor interface and communication circuits.

    By Maxim Integrated 141

  • MAX30112 Pulse-Oximeter and Heart Rate IC

    Maxim’s MAX30112EWG+ is an optical pulse oximetry and heart rate detection integrated analog front-end (AFE).

    By Maxim Integrated 149

  • MAX86140/MAX86141 Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensors

    Maxim's MAX86140 and MAX86141 are ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data acquisition systems and operate on a 1.8 V main supply voltage and a 3.1 V to 5.5 V LED driver supply vol

    By Maxim Integrated 114

  • MAX-ECG-MONITOR Wearable Evaluation and Developmen

    Maxim’s MAX-ECG-MONITOR is an evaluation and development platform for monitoring clinical-grade ECG and heart rate.

    By Maxim Integrated 88

  • MAX-HEALTH-BAND Evaluation and Development Platfor

    Maxim’s MAX-HEALTH-BAND's development/eval platform with heart-rate/activity monitor enables designers to extract vital signs and raw data for wearable designs.

    By Maxim Integrated 225

  • MAX30205 Human Body Temperature Sensor Kit

    Maxim’s MAX30205 temperature sensor accurately measures temperature and provides an overtemperature alarm/interrupt/shutdown output.

    By Maxim Integrated 178

  • MAXREFDES101 Health Sensor Platform 2.0

    Like the previous generation, MAXREFDES100, Maxim Integrated's MAXREFDES101 enables quick evaluation of Maxim’s portfolio of wearable products.

    By Maxim Integrated 170

  • MAX86150 Integrated PPG and ECG Biosensor Module f

    Maxim’s MAX86150 biosensor module delivers both PPG and ECG measurements for health monitoring from a mobile, battery-powered device.

    By Maxim Integrated 171

  • MAX30208 Digital Temperature Sensor

    Maxim Integrated’s MAX30208 digital temperature sensor meets the power and size demands of small, battery-powered applications.

    By Maxim Integrated 233

  • MAX7359 Key Switch Controller

    Maxim's MAX7359 key switch controller's autosleep and autowake features minimize current consumption with less than 1 µA sleep current.

    By Maxim Integrated 213