• R1SE Series DC/DC Converters

    R1SE DC/DC converters are a part of the economical 'E Class' and feature 1 watt of power, 1000 VDC isolation, and 5 V input/output.

    By RECOM Power 230

  • R-78C Series Switching Regulators

    RECOM's R-78C series switching regulators have a low profile case, a wide input voltage range, and provide efficiencies up to 96%.

    By RECOM Power 222

  • RACT20 Series AC/DC LED Driver

    A driver with a constant current dimmable AC/DC source for driving high power LED applications with up 5-15 high-power LEDs.

    By RECOM Power 271

  • RACD03 and RACD06 Series LED Drivers

    RECOM's LED drivers provide constant current outputs of 350 or 750 mA and lead long and hassle-free product lifetimes of more than 20,000 hours.

    By RECOM Power 292

  • RAC01, RAC02 and RAC03 AC/DC Converters

    With a conversion efficiency up to 75%, RECOM's AC/DC modules are able to guarantee an operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C.

    By RECOM Power 206

  • R-78E Switching Regulator Module

    RECOM's R-78E switching regulator module now offers all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input voltage range, accurate output voltage regulation) with a low cost

    By RECOM Power 212

  • Econoline DC/DC Converters

    A low-cost DC/DC converter series, from RECOM Power, designed to offer high quality, while costing 40% less. Available in three different form factors.

    By RECOM Power 250

  • Offline and Flyback Power Transformers WE-UNIT-WE-

    Wurth Electronics Midcom has a broad selection of power transformers for the latest reference designs from some of the leading IC manufacturers in the industry. \r\n\r\n\r\n

    By RECOM Power 242

  • ROF-78E Series DC/DC Power Modules

    RECOM's ROF-78E series high-efficiency switching regulators are ideally suited to replace SMD linear regulators. The ROF-78E is a low profile, postage-stamp-sized SMD DC/DC power supply module

    By RECOM Power 234

  • RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF AC/DC Power Supplies

    RECOM's RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF power supplies offer a compact AC/DC open frame design with a universal AC input.

    By RECOM Power 141

  • REM3/6/10 Medical Grade Regulated DC/DC Converters

    RECOM's REM3, REM6, and REM10 medical grade regulated DC/DC converters offered in single and dual outputs.

    By RECOM Power 157

  • REDIN45-60 DIN-Rail Power Supply

    RECOM introduces DIN-rail power supply REDIN45 and REDIN60 with 45 W and 60 W power respectively, PSUs with standard output voltages of 12 VDC and 24 VDC.

    By RECOM Power 176

  • RACM100-150 Compact Medical Power Supplies

    RECOM Power’s RACM100-150 are high-efficiency, compact AC/DC power supplies designed for medical applications. They provide 100 W or 150 W maximum power.

    By RECOM Power 139

  • RK/H6 and RH/H6 Series 1 W DC/DC Converters

    RECOM Power's RK/H6 and RH/H6 series 1 W DC/DC converters feature 6.4 kVDC isolation and an extended operating temperature range up to +90°C without derating.

    By RECOM Power 111

  • REM and RACM Series Medical Grade Converters

    Today’s medical applications have tough requirements, and RECOM’s low-leakage current converters have been specifically design to meet them without question.

    By RECOM Power 129

  • RACM40 and RACM65 Series for Medical Grade Applica

    RECOM's RACM40 and RACM65 are compact (3.6”x 2.38”) high efficiency AC/DC power supplies with 2xMOPP safety approval for medical applications.

    By RECOM Power 143

  • REC20/REC30 DC/DC Power Modules

    RECOM Power's REC20 (20 W) and REC30 (30 W) DC/DC power modules with single and dual regulated outputs for higher power industrial applications.

    By RECOM Power 137

  • RACG100 and RACG150 Series Power Supplies

    RECOM’s RACG100 and RACG150 series industrial grade power supplies can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are fully certified to CE, UL, and Class B EMC standards.

    By RECOM Power 134

  • RKE S/H Unregulated DC/DC Converters

    RECOM has expanded its popular economy series (E-Series) of cost-effective DC/DC converters, to include additional input voltages with the RKE S/H Series.

    By RECOM Power 193

  • RI3 Series SIP4 Unregulated Converter

    The RI3 series from RECOM Power has been specifically designed for applications where board space is at a premium since these 3 W converters have the same footprint as the RI series’ 2 W converter

    By RECOM Power 173