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Alambre alfa
  • Alpha Connect Passive Distribution Boxes

    Alpha Wire's Alpha Connect passive distribution boxes feature thermoplastic, die cast, or stainless steel housing options.

    By Alpha Wire 114

  • Metric and PG Threaded Sealing Hole Plugs

    Alpha Wire’s hole plugs are a great solution for providing premium protection against environmental factors such as dust for a wide range of industries.

    By Alpha Wire 113

  • SW Series Spiral Wrap Tubing

    Alpha Wire's SW series spiral wrap tubing is flexible and simple to apply for wire harness breakouts and cable bundling applications.

    By Alpha Wire 211

  • FIT® Heat Shrink Tubing

    Alpha Wire’s FIT heat-shrink tubing consists of general-purpose and special purpose styles made from premium compounds.

    By Alpha Wire 196

  • Xtra-Guard® 1

    Alpha Wire's Xtra-Guard 1 high-performance cable features premium-grade PVC jacket and insulation.

    By Alpha Wire 167

  • EcoWire®

    Alpha Wire's EcoWire recyclable wire for sustainable designs features low specific gravity and better dielectric strength.

    By Alpha Wire 156

  • EcoWire® Plus

    Alpha Wire's EcoWire Plus hook-up wire offers environmental protection in industrial applications and is up to 45% smaller OD than XLPE or PVC.

    By Alpha Wire 174

  • EcoFlex™ Cable

    EcoFlex from Alpha Wire is a smaller, lighter, tougher flexible control cable that is 100% recyclable.

    By Alpha Wire 237

  • EcoCable®

    Alpha Wire's 100% recyclable EcoCable is capable of handling extreme temperatures and is suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.

    By Alpha Wire 113

  • FIT-221L LSZH Heat Shrink Tubing

    FIT-221L low-smoke, zero-halogen heat shrink tubing is highly-flexible, flame-retardant, and environmentally friendly.

    By Alpha Wire 98

  • EcoCable® Mini Cable

    Small just got mini. Introducing EcoCable Mini, AlphaWire’s completely recyclable high-performance cable, which is the smallest and lightest to date.

    By Alpha Wire 121

  • Irradiated PVC Hook-Up Wire

    Irradiated PVC hook-up wire from Alpha Wire is made from extruded PVC insulation which has been exposed to controlled radiation.

    By Alpha Wire 75

  • Xtra-Guard® 2 Cable Line

    Alpha Wire's Xtra-Guard 2 offers a comprehensive range of conductor counts and shielding options. It is also abrasion resistant to withstand mechanical abuse.

    By Alpha Wire 84

  • Xtra-Guard® 4 Cables

    Temperature/chemical resistant TPE jacket for extreme temperatures, and can handles hot/cold spills from Alpha Wire.

    By Alpha Wire 114

  • Xtra-Guard® Flex - Flex Control Cable

    Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard flex performance cables combine the ruggedness of the Xtra Guard product line with high-flex or continuous-flex capabilities.

    By Alpha Wire 89

  • Xtra-Guard® Flex - Continuous Flex Control Ca

    Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard flex-continuous flex control cable is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in the most strenuous of environments.

    By Alpha Wire 83

  • EcoFlex® PUR Cable

    Compared to other 600 V flex cables, Alpha Wire's new EcoFlex PUR cables save you significant space while also offering increased durability.

    By Alpha Wire 143

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Hook-Up Wire

    Alpha Wire’s broad range of PTFE hook-up wire means you will find the product exactly suited to your applications.

    By Alpha Wire 77

  • Space-Saving Micro Coaxial Cable

    Alpha Wire’s micro coaxial cable is perfect for a wide range of applications where space is at a premium, from sensitive medical imaging to industrial inspection.

    By Alpha Wire 93

  • Xtra-Guard® Cat5e Industrial Ethernet Cables

    Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard industrial Ethernet cables give rugged connectivity featuring an abrasion-resistant thermoplastic elastomer jacket.

    By Alpha Wire 84