What is the difference between CR2450 and CR2032

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What is the difference between CR2450 and CR2032

CR2450 and CR2032 are CR family series of non-rechargeable button batteries, and both are members of the CR family. They both have an output voltage of 3V and have the same chemical composition. However, despite having the same nominal voltage, they cannot be used as equivalents to each other.


Ⅰ.Introduction to CR2450 battery

The CR2450 battery is a lithium manganese button cell with specific specifications and characteristics suitable for use in many small electronic devices. CR2450 button battery is a commonly used button battery and is widely used in electronic products such as watches, calculators, electronic blood pressure monitors, and electronic scales. As the electronic product market continues to expand, the demand for CR2450 button batteries is also increasing.

2450 represents the standard size of the battery. The first two digits of the button battery name (one digit below 10mm) are the diameter, and the last two digits are the thickness. The 24 in 2450 means the diameter is 24mm, the 5 means the battery height is 5mm, and the 0 means the battery is cylindrical in shape.


2.Rated voltage
Rated voltage, also called nominal voltage, the battery voltage of button lithium manganese batteries is 3.0V, and the open circuit voltage is usually 3.1-3.3V.
3.Working current
Working current refers to the current value that the battery can output when working. The rated current value of CR2450 is 0.2mA, which is mainly used in low-power electronic products. Generally, batteries can provide an output current of 0.001mA to 5mA. The continuous output current can reach 15mA, and the flash output current can reach 30mA. Under normal circumstances, it can meet the lighting, sound, radio frequency output and other requirements of most small electronic products.
4.Rated capacity
Rated capacity refers to the current value that the battery outputs under rated time and rated power, usually measured in mAh or milliampere hours. The capacity of CR2450 under IEC standard is above 520mAh.


Ⅱ.Introduction to CR2032 battery

CR2032 battery is a widely used lithium manganese button battery, commonly used in various small electronic devices and timers. CR2032 battery belongs to the lithium manganese button battery series, also known as CR2032N, CR2032HR or simply 2032 battery. CR2032 lithium button battery has the advantages of high specific energy, long storage period, small self-discharge, safe use, and wide operating temperature range. The battery can work normally in the range of -20~+70℃.

The dimensions of the CR2032 battery are 20mm (diameter) x 3.2mm (thickness). This size battery is thin and flat, a common button battery, and is a medium size.


2.Rated voltage
The CR2032's battery has a nominal voltage of 3 volts. This is a standard voltage that is widely used in many small electronic devices, such as watches, timers, remote controls, Bluetooth devices, etc. This standard voltage provides good power supply performance for CR2032 battery and can meet the needs of the above devices.
Depending on the manufacturer and model, CR2032 batteries generally have a capacity of 200-240 mAh. Power refers to the power that the battery can provide, which will affect the life of the battery.


Ⅲ.Advantages of CR2450 and CR2032

•CR2450 batteries generally have larger capacities, ranging from 500 to 620 milliamp hours (mAh), which means they can provide power for a long time.
•For low-power devices, CR2450 batteries may last for several years. This reduces the frequency of battery replacement, especially for embedded devices or devices that are difficult to access.
•CR2450 batteries typically operate over a wide temperature range and have low self-discharge rates during storage, meaning they are almost always able to provide reliable power when needed.
•Excellent long-term reliability: Carefully selected active materials and electrolytes are used. These materials are used to seal lithium batteries to minimize battery self-discharge. When lithium-ion batteries are stored under normal temperature and humidity conditions, their annual self-discharge rate is less than 1% of the nominal capacity.


•CR2032 is a small electronic device suitable for watches, timers, remote controls, Bluetooth devices, car keys, medical devices, e-book readers, micro calculators, temperature sensors, etc. Due to its versatility, it is one of the most popular push-button batteries currently available.
•Light weight, high voltage, high energy density: The battery voltage is 3V, which is nearly twice higher than ordinary alkaline batteries and manganese batteries. This also means that the device requires only half the amount of batteries, thus achieving minimum size and minimum weight.
•Excellent anti-leakage performance: The newly developed battery structure and electrolyte ensure maximum anti-leakage performance over a long period of time.
•Excellent discharge characteristics: Under long-term discharge, its voltage performance can still maintain high stability, which greatly enhances the reliability of the device. These devices also require no maintenance (almost no batteries need to be replaced).
•RoHS Directive / European Directives: This product does not contain Mercury(Hg), Cadmium(Cd), nor Lead(Pb), and conforms to EC regulation values. (Directive 2006/66/EC, 2013/56/EU)
Battery pack are excluded from RoHS directive (DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 8 June 2011 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).


Ⅳ.Basic differences between CR2450 and CR2032

1. The battery capacity of CR2450 is nearly double that of CR2032. If you are designing a project that requires more current, then CR2450 will be better.
2. The same situation will also occur in the case of battery thickness. It is obvious that CR2032 is thinner than CR2450.
3.The diameter of CR2032 is smaller than CR2450. If you prefer a snap-on design and are prepared to sacrifice battery capacity, go for the CR2032.
4.CR2032 is also lighter than CR2450, so for light applications, it is better to use CR2032.
5. In addition, for some applications, the discharge time and circuit provided by CR2032 and CR2450 are also different, such as:
•The CR2032 battery lasts up to 1300 hours into a 15K ohm load, delivering 0.19mA with continuous use.
•With a 7.5K ohm load, the CR2450 battery can last over 1600 hours, delivering 0.39mA when used continuously.

Ⅴ.The lifespan difference between CR2450 and CR2032

Regarding the life of CR2450 and CR2032 batteries, it mainly depends on multiple factors such as the power consumption of the device, working conditions, frequency of use, and battery capacity. Generally speaking, CR2450 batteries have a longer life than CR2032 batteries under the same usage conditions. The reason is that they usually have higher capacities.

Low-power devices: In low-power devices, a CR2450 battery may last several years, and some may even last longer. This includes watches, temperature sensors, some remote controls, etc.
Medium-power devices: In medium-power devices, such as some medical equipment or Bluetooth devices, the life of a CR2450 battery typically ranges from a few months to a year.
High-power-consuming devices: In high-power-consuming devices, such as some photographic flashes or GPS devices, the life of the CR2450 battery may be shorter, perhaps only days to weeks.

Low Power Devices: CR2032 batteries typically last several years in low power devices such as watches, timers, remote controls, etc.
Medium-power devices: CR2032 battery life typically ranges from a few months to a year in medium-power devices, such as e-book readers or small calculators.
High-power-consuming devices: In high-power-consuming devices, such as some Bluetooth devices or small electronic devices, the life of the CR2032 battery may be shorter, perhaps only days to weeks.

Ⅵ.Temperature characteristics of CR2450 and CR2032




Ⅶ.Similarities between CR2450 and CR2032

1. Voltage: The standard voltage of CR2450 and CR2032 batteries is 3V. This is the standard voltage required by many small electronic devices.
2. Battery type: CR2450 and CR2032 both belong to the lithium manganese button battery series. They are disposable batteries and generally not rechargeable.
3. Environmental protection: For the sake of environmental protection, both CR2450 and CR2032 batteries need to be properly stored and discarded. In many places, waste batteries can be recycled to reduce environmental pressure.
4. Usage: Although CR2450 and CR2032 have different sizes and capacities, they can be widely used in various small electronic products, such as clocks, timers, remote control devices, Bluetooth devices, medical devices, temperature sensors, etc. Both are versatile push-button batteries that can be used in a variety of devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can CR2450 and CR2032 replace each other?
CR2450 and CR2032 batteries differ in size and voltage and are not direct substitutes for each other. Due to their different sizes, the two batteries are not directly interchangeable as their physical dimensions do not match.

2.What is the price difference between CR2450 and CR2032 batteries?
The price difference between CR2450 and CR2032 batteries is related to factors such as brand, manufacturer, packaging quantity, and sales method. Generally speaking, CR2450 batteries are more expensive than CR2032 batteries. This is because CR2450 batteries are generally larger and can store more power.

3.Which one, CR2450 or CR2032, is more suitable for equipment that needs to run for a long time?
Due to its large capacity, the CR2450 battery pack can store a large amount of electrical energy and is especially suitable for situations where long-term work is required.