Functions,working principles and main uses of SN6505BDBVR

By Texas Instruments 105

Functions,working principles and main uses of SN6505BDBVR

SN6505BDBVR is an isolated driver chip produced by Texas Instruments, usually used for isolated power transmission or signal isolation applications. The main function of this chip is to provide electrical isolation, so that the input terminal and the output terminal are electrically isolated, and at the same time, signals or power can be transmitted.


Ⅰ. Functions of SN6505BDBVR

Electrical isolation:SN6505BDBVR can provide electrical isolation up to 5kVrms, which is very important for applications with high safety requirements.
Operating frequency: It usually operates in the range of tens of kilohertz to hundreds of kilohertz, and the specific frequency depends on the application requirements.
Low power consumption:This chip generally has low power consumption, helping to save energy.
Wide range of applications:SN6505BDBVR is commonly used to isolate sensors, communication interfaces, power transmission and other applications requiring electrical isolation.
Electrical isolation:SN6505BDBVR can provide electrical isolation to electrically isolate the input and output ends to ensure that the transmission of signals or power does not pass through the electrical connection.
High isolation performance:SN6505BDBVR typically has electrical isolation performance up to 5kVrms, which can meet many applications with high safety requirements.
Signal or power transmission:SN6505BDBVR can be used to transmit digital or analog signals, and can also be used to transmit power. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications that require isolation, such as isolated sensors, isolated communication interfaces, or isolated power transmission.


Ⅱ. Working principle of SN6505BDBVR

1.Input terminal:The input terminal of SN6505BDBVR receives the signal or power from the external circuit. This can be a signal from a sensor, controller, power supply, or other source.
2.Output terminal:The output terminal receives the signal or power from the isolation transformer and outputs it to the external circuit for subsequent processing or control.
3.Electrical isolation:One of the main functions of the SN6505BDBVR is to provide electrical isolation. It achieves electrical isolation through an internal isolation transformer, which isolates the input and output ends, thereby preventing current or signals from being transmitted through the electrical connection. This electrical isolation effectively isolates different voltage levels or electrical environments, ensuring safety and signal integrity.
4.Isolation transformer:The chip contains an isolation transformer, which is a key part to achieve electrical isolation. An isolation transformer has two separate coils connected to the input and output. When a signal or power is applied to the input, the isolation transformer transmits it to the output, but not through a direct electrical connection.
5.Drive circuit:SN6505BDBVR usually also includes a drive circuit to control the work of the isolation transformer. This driver circuit adjusts the operation of the transformer according to the requirements of the input signal to ensure that the output gets the correct signal or power.



Ⅲ.Features of SN6505BDBVR

•Push-pull driver for transformers
•Wide input voltage range: 2.25 V to 5.5 V
•SN6505BDBVR can provide electrical isolation up to 5kVrms, ensuring electrical separation between input and output, suitable for applications requiring a high degree of isolation
•High output drive: 1 A at 5 V supply
•Low RON 0.25 Ω max at 4.5 V supply
•Ultra-low EMI
•Supports a wide range of input voltages, typically from a few volts to hundreds of volts
•Spread spectrum clocking
•Precision internal oscillator options: 160 kHz (SN6505A) and 420 kHz (SN6505B)
•Has over-current protection and over-temperature protection functions to ensure stable operation of the chip under adverse conditions
•Synchronization of multiple devices with external clock input
•Slew-rate control
•1.7 A Current-limit
•Features simple pinout and interface
•Low shutdown current: <1 μA
•Thermal shutdown
•Wide temperature range: –55°C to 125°C
•Small 6-Pin SOT23 (DBV) package
•Soft-start to reduce In-rush current



IV.Main uses of SN6505BDBVR

1.Industrial automation:In industrial automation systems, SN6505BDBVR can be used to isolate sensors, measuring instruments and controllers to ensure safety and accuracy.
2.Power electronics:In power electronics applications, this isolation driver can be used to isolate control circuits and power circuits to improve system stability and safety.
3.Medical equipment:Medical equipment often requires a high degree of electrical isolation to ensure patient safety. SN6505BDBVR can be used for signal isolation and power isolation in medical equipment.
4.Communication equipment:SN6505BDBVR can be used to isolate data interfaces in communication equipment to prevent the impact of electrical noise and interference on data transmission.
5.Sensor interface:In situations where sensor signals need to be isolated from hazardous environments, SN6505BDBVR can be used in sensor interface circuits.
6.Power transmission:In some power transmission applications, it can be used to isolate input and output circuits to ensure safe power transmission.
7.Safety applications:This drive may also be used in systems that need to maintain a high degree of safety and electrical isolation, such as explosion-proof equipment and nuclear energy applications.

Ⅴ.Absolute maximum ratings of SN6505BDBVR

Over operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted), All typical values are at TA = 25°C, VCC = 5 V.



Ⅵ.Package type of SN6505BDBVR

The package type of SN6505BDBVR is SOT-23.This package is a small surface mount device (SMD) package.Commonly used in compact circuit board designs for limited space applications.
The number "23" indicates the number and arrangement of its pins.In circuit design, SOT-23 packages often have three pins.

Key features and characteristics of the SOT-23 package:
1.Small package:The SOT-23 package is very small and suitable for limited space applications.It usually has three pins,but there are some variants with four or five pins.
2.Surface mount:The SOT-23 package is a surface mount device (SMD) package, which is different from the traditional through-hole package.This allows the device to be easily soldered to the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) without the need for a jack.
3.Various pin arrangements:Although there are usually three pins,the SOT-23 package has different pin arrangements,such as SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, etc., to adapt to different device needs.



Ⅶ.Isolation type of SN6505BDBVR

SN6505BDBVR is an analog isolation driver, mainly used for isolated transmission of analog signals.
Analog isolation allows the isolation and transmission of continuously varying analog signals, such as voltage or current. This type of isolation is commonly used in applications where high accuracy and low noise need to be maintained, such as sensor interfaces, amplifier isolation, and data acquisition systems.
If you need to isolate digital signals, such as digital data or pulses, a digital isolator is typically used instead of an analog isolator. Digital isolators are commonly used in applications such as digital communications, industrial network communications, and isolating digital control signals.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to use SN6505BDBVR correctly?
Start by ensuring that the circuit design complies with applicable electrical codes and standards, especially those related to electrical isolation. This is important to ensure system security and regulatory compliance. Make sure the supplied mains voltage is within the allowed range. Voltages outside the specified range may damage the chip. Correctly connect the pins of SN6505BDBVR to ensure that the input and output are connected correctly to avoid reverse polarity and short circuit. Find out if the SN6505BDBVR has any built-in fault protection features to ensure protection of the chip and system under adverse conditions.

2.What are the input and output voltage ranges of SN6505BDBVR?
Input voltage range: SN6505BDBVR usually supports a relatively wide input voltage range, and the typical range may be from a few volts to hundreds of volts. Output voltage range: The output voltage range of the SN6505BDBVR also depends on the specific application and operating conditions. It can be used to output different ranges of voltage, usually between a few volts and tens of volts.

3.What is the working power supply current and voltage of SN6505BDBVR?
The working power supply current of SN6505BDBVR is 1.56 mA, and the working power supply voltage is 2.25 V to 5.5 V.