Low Power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 Motion Sensor

By Excelitas Technologies 79

Low Power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 Motion Sensor

Excelitas’ PYD 1598 is a serial opposed format, two elements detector based on pyroceramic. The signal is converted to a digital value using sigma-delta and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. A configurable motion detection unit is implemented. Once motion is detected, an interrupt is sent to the host system. Putting the host system to sleep, an overall ultra-low power consumption is achieved. All data is accessible from the host system to enable advanced signal analysis with the user’s detection criteria. Excelitas digital solutions provide excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity.

  • Integrated digitization
  • Motion detection unit with interrupt function
  • Low power consumption of only 3 µA at 1.8 V
  • High responsivity ceramic pyroelectric elements
  • Dual detector with 2 mm × 1 mm elements
  • 130° field-of-view
  • TO-5 metal housing for high EMI immunity
  • Optimal for fast designs
  • Human motion
  • Occupancy detection
  • Long distance motion detection (with lens)
  • Energy saving applications
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Horizontal mounting applications
  • Battery operation

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