TLRH Series Current Sense Resistors

By KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. 98

TLRH Series Current Sense Resistors

KOA Speer Electronics offers metal plate technology in chip-type current sense resistors that improves corrosion resistance and can withstand higher temperatures. The TLRH series resistor has a carrier metal plate constructed with a metal alloy, improving performance and reliability.

The TLRH series chip-type resistors are designed for current detection, offering an ultra-low resistance range between 6 mΩ and 270 mΩ. These high-performance current sense resistors have a TCR of ±75 ppm/K and ±50 ppm/K, with a tolerance of 1%. The TLRH series is available with power ratings of 0.25 W, 0.33 W, 0.5 W, 2 W, 4 W, and 5 W, and sizes 0805 and 2512.

KOA Speer's TLRH series is designed for a wide range of applications, including automotive, computer, telecommunications, medical, and power supply industries such as desktop PC, laptop PC, mobile PC, and converter power supply.

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