EPC2106 Half Bridge

By EPC 118

EPC2106 Half Bridge

EPC’s 100 V eGaN half bridge, EPC2106, has a typical RDS(ON) of 55 mΩ, output capacitance less than 600 pF, zero reverse recovery (QRR), and a maximum pulsed drain current of 18 A pulsed output current for high efficiency power conversion in a tiny 1.82 mm2 footprint.

  • DC/DC power conversion
  • LiDAR
  • LED lighting
  • Class-D audio
  • High-frequency capability:
    • Monolithic integration eliminates interconnect inductances for higher efficiency at a higher frequency
  • High efficiency:
    • Lower conduction and switching losses, zero reverse recovery losses
  • Small footprint:
    • Low inductance, extremely small, 1.35 mm x 1.35 mm BGA surface-mount passivated die

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