Flasher Series of Production Tools

By Segger Microcontroller Systems 281

Flasher Series of Production Tools

Segger Microcontroller Systems provides tools for production environments, as well as flash programming solutions for a variety of CPUs. The “Flasher” family eases the implementation into a production site by facilitating manual or remote triggering of the flash programming. These Flasher devices are programming tools for microcontrollers with on-chip or external flash memory and the specified MCU core. They are designed for programming flash targets with J-Flash software or as a stand-alone device.

Product Name Programming tool for:
Flasher ARM ARM Core
Flasher 5 STMicroelectronics ST9 and Renesas M16C/20, M16C/62, M16C/80, M32C, R8C, R32C, M38, and M79 Series MCUs
Flasher ST7 STMicroelectronics ST7 Series MCUs
Flasher STM8 STMicroelectronics STM8 Series MCUs