CL Series Inrush Current Limiters

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 319

CL Series Inrush Current Limiters

Amphenol Advanced Sensors' CL series NTC inrush current limiters are used to reduce large inrush currents in switching power supplies, fluorescent lamps, inverters, motors, and more. These large inrush currents are typically caused by charging of filter capacitors in switching power supplies. The CL series is used to reduce these large inrush currents.

  • Available as a standard with kinked or straight leads and on tape and reel to EIS RS-468A for automatic insertion
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Suitable for PCB mounting
  • Wide operating temperature range: -58°F to +347°F (-50°C to +175°C)
  • Low cost solid state device for inrush current suppression
  • Small size