System Management Microcontrollers MAX31782

By Maxim Integrated 214

System Management Microcontrollers MAX31782

Maxim's MAX31782 provides a complete solution for the monitoring and controlling of complex system physical health characteristics based on a high-performance MAXQ20 16-bit microcontroller core with generous amounts of flash program/data and RAM data memory.

I/O resources include an accurate measurement system for temperature and voltage, PWM outputs, timer inputs, and GPIO to support monitoring and controlling critical system parameters such as temperature, voltage, fan speed, and chassis intrusion. Direct connection of diode-connected transistors used as remote temperature sensors is supported, as well as expansion to a virtually unlimited number of external digital temperature sensor ICs using the on-chip master I²C interface. An independent slave I²C interface facilitates communication to a host microprocessor in addition to password-protected in-system reprogramming of the on-chip flash.

Ease of development is supported with highly versatile C-compilers and development software that programs flash and performs in-circuit debug through the integrated JTAG interface and associated hardware. All these features combined make the device a highly flexible platform, allowing the designer to easily create a customized complex system management solution.

  • SMBus/I²C-compatible slave interface for host communication with password-protected flash programming
  • 12-bit ADC with 7-input mux for temperature and voltage monitoring
  • Six 16-bit PWM outputs for fan speed or D/A applications
  • MAXQ20 high-performance, 16-bit µC
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V operating voltage range
  • Efficient C-language programming
  • 36K words of total program memory
  • 32KWords of flash program memory
  • Temperature measurement analog front-end
  • Diode series resistance cancellation
  • JTAG port supports in-system debug and flash programming
  • I²C compatible master interface for slave expansion
  • Power-on reset and brownout monitors
  • Internal oscillator requires no crystal
  • Six timer/fan tachometer inputs
  • 4K words ROM program memory
  • 0.125°C resolution
  • 1K words data RAM
  • 5-Bit GPIO ports


  • Network switches/routers
  • Servers
  • Smart grid network systems
  • Base stations

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