S-300U Series Micro SD Memory Card

By Swissbit 701

S-300U Series Micro SD Memory Card

Swissbit's MICRO SD Memory Card is a small-form-factor, non-volatile memory card which provides high-capacity data storage. Its aim is to capture, retain and transport data, audio and images, facilitating the transfer of all types of digital information between a large variety of digital systems. The card operates in two basic modes: SD/SDHC card mode and SPI mode. The MICRO SD Memory Card also supports SD High Speed mode with up to 50MHz clock frequency. The cards are compliant with SD Memory card Specification Part 1, Physical layer Specification V3.01, SD Memory card Specification Part 2, File System Specification V3.00, SD Memory card Specification Part 3, Security Specification V3.00 and MICRO SD Memory Card Addendum V4.00.

The card has an internal intelligent controller which manages interface protocols, data storage and retrieval as well as hardware BCH Error Correction Code (ECC), defect handling, diagnostics and clock control. The advanced wear-leveling mechanism assures an equal usage of the Flash memory cells to extend their life-time. The hardware BCH-code ECC allows to detect and correct up to 24 defect bits per 1 kByte. The card has a power-loss management feature to prevent data corruption after power-down.

  • Highly-integrated memory controller
  • Wear-leveling: Equal wear leveling of static and dynamic data
  • Available densities: 2, 4, and 8 GBytes (SLC NAND Flash)
  • Standard MICRO SD Memory Card form factor
  • Operating voltage 2.7 V to 3.6 V
  • High performance
  • Operating bus modes: SD 1 and 4 bit and SPI
  • Error correction up to 24 bit/1 KB BCH ECC
  • Write endurance
  • Controlled BOM
  • Life cycle management
  • Low-power CMOS technology
  • High reliability
  • Hot swappable