LED Drivers

By Microchip Technology 187

LED Drivers

Microchip LED drivers are a system-centric, mixed-signal LED driver technologies for backlighting and solid-state lighting applications. This broad-based and rapidly growing market includes LCD TVs, PC monitors, specialty panels (industrial, military, medical, avionics, etc.) and general illumination for commercial, residential, industrial and government. LED drivers utilize a proprietary and patented combination of analog and digital circuit techniques.

These products comprise a system-centric solution for local and global dimming, power management, signal conditioning, and smart interfacing. This approach allows electronic equipment manufacturers to significantly enhance product features, while improving power efficiency, reliability, and cost/performance.

Microchip offers compact, high-power LED drivers for multi-LED string applications such as direct backlight/edge-lit LCD panels and high-brightness, solid-state lighting applications.

  • Drive up to 16 parallel LED strings
  • PWM circuitry that allows up to 4095:1 dimming
  • Integrated or separate duty cycle and frequency control inputs
  • Phase-shifted LED PWM dimming
  • 1 MHz I²C compatible serial interface
  • Internal resistors for PWM dimming control

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