Extra Small Bore Crimp Connectors

By Harwin Inc 329

Extra Small Bore Crimp Connectors

Harwin's extra small bore Datamate accommodates wire sizes from 28 to 32 AWG, allowing designers to take advantage of smaller wire gauges for signal applications, therefore reducing the overall weight of their equipment. Designed for use in Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications such as soldier-mounted audio, video, and data communications, aircraft communication systems, navigation systems, UAVs, and other robotic equipment.

  • High performance, high reliability connector system
  • Suitable for use with 28, 30, and 32 AWG wire
  • Gold plated to ensure good conductivity
  • Current rating of 3.3 A in isolation, 3 A on all contacts simultaneously
  • Contact resistance 25 mΩ max
  • Durability = 500 operations
  • Operating temperature range is -55 to +125°C
  • Suited for use in harsh environments where high vibration, shock, and extremes of temperature are experienced
  • Small cables enable weight-saving
  • Allows design engineers to achieve a closer packing density in equipment
  • Can be used within smaller applications
  • Stocked in-depth by Harwin Distribution Partners
  • Rugged connectors for safety-critical applications