CPFE500F Series Power Supplies

By TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. 391

CPFE500F Series Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda Americas has launched the CPFE500F baseplate-cooled power supplies capable of providing 500 W without the need for fan cooling. With an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C this innovative series of AC-DC power supplies will be of particular interest to engineers who need high-power but cannot use fans or where the unit is sealed in an enclosure.

The power supply is provided with a PC board protective coating to guard against moisture, dust and other contaminants, making the CPFE500F ideal for harsh, outdoor or dusty applications such as LED signage, broadcast, COTS military, food processing and print/packaging applications. Since there is no fan, the CPFE500F series is equally suited to low-audible-noise applications such as audio mixing consoles and recording studios. All models in the CPFE500F series are delivered with TDK-Lambda's two-year warranty and meet EN55022/EN55011 Class B, MIL STD 461/462D and CE102 EMC specifications, thereby simplifying system designs.

These single output power supplies are available in 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 28 VDC, or 48 VDC output versions. Up to ±20% output voltage adjustment is possible enabling the CPFE500F to be used in a variety of customer-specific power applications. With an extended temperature range of from -40°C to +85°C and lightning surge capability of up to 6 kV, the CPFE500F is both rugged and reliable. An efficiency of 85% insures heat dissipation is minimized. Operating from a universal input of 90 VAC to 265 VAC with PFC, the outputs of these units can be connected in either a series or parallel configuration with active current-share as standard. As an option, these units can be provided with an internal O-ring diode for redundant/fault-tolerant applications. A power-on signal, remote ON/OFF, remote-sense and auxiliary-output (12 V/20 mA) are included features.

Features and Benefits
  • Universal input
  • Baseplate cooled, no fan required
  • I2C interface
  • High efficiency
  • Conformal coated
  • Outdoor electronics such as LED signage
  • Broadcast
  • COTS military
  • Food processing
  • Print/packaging applications