ADXRS646 Gyroscope

By Analog Devices Inc 237

ADXRS646 Gyroscope

ADI's ADXRS646 is a high performance angular rate sensor (gyroscope) that offers excellent vibration immunity. Bias stability is a widely-recognized figure of merit for high performance gyroscopes. However, in real-world applications, vibration sensitivity is often a more significant performance limitation and should be considered in gyroscope selection. The ADXRS646 offers superior vibration immunity and acceleration rejection, as well as a low bias drift of 12°/hr. (typical), enabling it to offer rate sensing in harsh environments where shock and vibration are present.

The ADXRS646 is manufactured using the ADI patented high volume BiMOS surface micromachining process. An advanced, differential, quad sensor design provides the improved acceleration and vibration rejection. The output signal, RATEOUT, is a voltage proportional to angular rate about the axis normal to the top surface of the package. The measurement range is a minimum of ±250°/sec. The output is ratiometric with respect to a provided reference supply. Other external capacitors are required for operation.

  • Complete rate gyroscope on a single chip
  • Z-axis (yaw rate) response
  • 8°/hr. bias stability
  • 0.01°/√second angle random walk
  • High vibration rejection over wide frequency
  • Measurement range extendable to a maximum of ±450°/s
  • 10,000 g powered shock survivability

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