ACP3225 Series Filter

By TDK Corporation 231

ACP3225 Series Filter

TDK Corporation presents the new ACP3225 series of common-mode filters offering improved performance in a smaller package when compared to existing products. Thus, the new wirewound common-mode filters feature a current capability of 1.2 A, and a common-mode impedance of 1,000 Ω. These values are 20 and 25 percent higher, respectively, than those of the existing ACM4532 series.

With a form factor of IEC 3225 (3.2 x 2.5 x 2.3 mm3), the ACP3225 series offers a significantly smaller component for use in the power supply circuitry of increasingly compact electronic devices.

Electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller while offering an increasing range of functions. Moreover, they tend to be used continuously for longer periods and often under high-load conditions with more noise. As a result, the EMC requirements for these applications are extremely high.

The main advantages of the new ACP3225 series were made possible by TDK's advanced materials and process technologies. Their cores make use of an especially low-loss ferrite material, and the automated high-precision winding process for the coil section enables the component's compact design.

Features and Benefits

  • Current capability increased by 20 percent to 1.2 A
  • Common-mode impedance improved by 25 percent to 1,000 Ω
  • Package size reduced from IEC 4532 to IEC 3225 (3.2 x 2.5 x 2.3 mm3)

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