650 V Z-REC™ SiC Schottky Diode

By Wolfspeed 237

650 V Z-REC™ SiC Schottky Diode

Wolfspeed's 650 V silicon carbide Schottky diodes are an addition to Wolfspeed's world class Z-Rec™ Schottky diode product line. These devices are available with current ratings of 4 A, 6 A, 8 A, and 10 A. The 650 V SiC Schottky products provide an efficient solution for higher AC input voltage switch mode power supply PFC applications.

  • Zero reverse recovery
    • Independent from junction temperature
    • Virtually eliminate diode switching losses
    • Significantly reduce active switch turn-on losses
    • Greatly reduce overall system losses
    • Significantly reduce cooling requirements and improve system reliability
  • Positive temperature coefficient forward voltage
    • Ideal for parallel operation
  • Higher Potential Switching Speed
    • Reduce system volume and weight