104 PHL-ST Series Capacitors

By Vishay/BCcomponents 207

104 PHL-ST Series Capacitors

Vishay BC Components' presents a series of screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors with a long useful life of 5,000 hours at +105°C and high-rated ripple current to 34.8 A at +105°C.

Featuring a cylindrical aluminum case insulated with a blue sleeve and pressure relief in their sealing disc, the new 104 PHL-ST capacitors feature high capacitance/voltage combinations. The devices are available with 13 mm M6 low-post terminals. The capacitors are compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and are available in standard or bolt nut versions.

As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, the 104 PHL-ST devices are ideally suited for DC link capacitors in high-power switched mode converters and energy storage in pulsed power applications. End products include transport, medical, and industrial equipment, UPS devices, welding devices, single- and three-phase motor controls, and solar and wind inverters.

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