PAN1323ETU Bluetooth® Evaluation Module

By Panasonic 251

PAN1323ETU Bluetooth® Evaluation Module

Panasonic's PAN1323ETU, one development module, three standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™. This unique triple mode ETU (Easy-To-Use) module plugs directly into Panasonic development kits and Texas Instruments' MSP430 and Stellaris experimenter boards with the added benefit of header connectors that simplify prototype wiring and field trials.

The PAN1323ETU is the development environment for the PAN13xx family. This family is based upon Texas Instrument’s CC256x integrated circuits and uses a host controlled interface (HCI), a cost effective and flexible means to implement a Bluetooth network. HCI reduces BOM cost by eliminating redundant processing capacity and giving designers the flexibility to work with a controller of their choosing, as the Bluetooth stack resides and executes on the application’s host processor.

Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT are ultra-low power network standards. The foundations of Bluetooth Low Energy power consumption are short messages and establishing very fast connections (few ms). Using these techniques, energy consumption is reduced to a tenth of a Classic Bluetooth network. ANT is a wireless sensor network protocol operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. Designed for ease of use, efficiency and scalability, ANT supports peer-to-peer, star, tree and fixed mesh topologies.

  • The PAN1323ETU is the development tool for Panasonic’s entire PAN13xx product line
  • A single development module for three standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT
    • Bluetooth version 4.0
    • ANT is a wireless sensor network protocol designed for ultra-low power applications
    • Bluetooth Low Energy average power consumption is about 1 µA
  • Cost effective and flexible HCI interface.
  • Easily integrates with Texas Instruments’ MSP430 and Stellaris ARM7 controllers
  • Extraordinary range with 10 dbm of Tx power
  • Sports and Fitness
    • Heart rate monitors
    • Blood pressure sensors
    • Blood glucose meters
    • Thermometers
  • Assisted Living
    • Flood alarms
    • Heating control
    • Automatic key control
    • Thermometers
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Toys
  • Entertainment devices
  • Mobile accessories
  • Bluetooth wireless applications

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