ACH Series Connectors

By JST Sales America Inc 239

ACH Series Connectors

 JST ACH series wire-to-board connectors were originally designed for DC power supply applications. These connectors have a 2.0 A current rating for both two and three circuits using 28 AWG wire. ACH series low profile connectors are only 1.4 mm (.055”) high and 4.3 mm (.169”) wide. Uniquely constructed, these 1.2 mm (.047”) pitch, wire-to-board connectors feature a socket housing that is mated with the header from the vertical direction, while the wires come out from the horizontal direction of the socket connector. The ultra-compact, low profile design provides flexibility for applications that require high performance connectors in tight spaces.

ACH series disconnectable, crimp-style connectors are currently available in two and three circuits rated 2.0 A (AC/DC) (28 AWG) at 50 V AC/DC. 30 AWG to 28 AWG wires are accommodated. The temperature range is –25°C to +85°C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current.) The header plating is lead free and complies with the European RoHS directive. Headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment.