AMI-21 EMI Power Filter

By Altran Magnetics, Inc 121

AMI-21 EMI Power Filter

Altran's AMI-21 single-stage filters are designed for easy and fast chassis mounting with ratings from 1 A up to 30 A. The AMI-21 filters are also available as B versions with no Y-capacitors for medical applications as well as A versions with low capacitance for safety-critical applications with requirements for low leakage currents. All filters provide a general purpose conducted attenuation performance, based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent thermal behavior. The AMI-21 filters can be used to cover a broad range of functions and offer a good size/amperage ratio. The filters feature an operating ambient temperature range (at rated current Ir:) of 10°C to +40°C. In an ambient temperature (Ta) higher than +40°C the maximum operating current (Io) is calculated as follows: Io = Ir sqrt [(85-Ta)/45].

Electrical Schematic
  • Rated voltage (max): 250 VAC
  • Operating frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Operating current: 1 A to 20 A
  • Hi-pot rating (one minute):
    • Line-to-ground: 2250 VDC
    • Line-to-line: 1450 VDC