442KW Double Coated Polyester Tape

By 3M 108

442KW Double Coated Polyester Tape

3M's 442KW double coated film tape features a thin polyester film carrier for dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die cutting and laminating. 3M Adhesive 830 is a firm rubber adhesive system that provides a combination of good adhesion, good temperature performance, good solvent resistance, and good quick stick to a wide variety of materials as well as clean removability from many surfaces.

Application Techniques

Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed. Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive contact and improves bond strength. To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean, dry, and well unified. Some typical surface cleaning solvents are isopropyl alcohol or heptane.

Ideal tape application temperature range is +70°F to +100°F (+21°C to +38°C). Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below +50°F (+10°C) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However, once properly applied, low-temperature holding is generally satisfactory.

  • Polycoated paper liners and the polyester liners offer moisture stability
  • Polyester film carrier at its center core which enhances the workability when laminating to various types of surfaces
  • Film also enhances the die cutability of the finished product
  • Provides clean removability from many surfaces


These tapes are ideal for bonding a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as rubbers, metals, glass, papers, paints, and many plastics. Some application ideas include:

  • Splicing of films, foils, papers, and fabrics
  • Holding objects where high shear forces are encountered
  • Holding grinding and polishing pads
  • Miscellaneous joining and holding uses