High Quality and Cost Effective Versatile EMI Filt

By XP Power 67

High Quality and Cost Effective Versatile EMI Filt

XP Power's range of chassis mount and IEC inlet EMI filters satisfy the requirement for equipment to conform to the latest EMC emissions and immunity standards. The filters are suitable for any electrical or electronic equipment that is powered from a single-phase AC supply.

Chiefly aimed at medical and IT equipment manufacturers, types FASA/M, FCSS, FDMM, FFSA, and FGSM are IEC power entry inlets with integral line filters, and types FHSA/M and FIHA/M are chassis mount filters. Exhibiting versatility, FFSA and FGSM units also feature input switches. The range includes many variations to cater for a wide variety of end-user needs and contribute greatly to OEM customers' time saving when incorporating the units into host equipment.

The filters' shielded metal body minimizes radiated emissions within the equipment, and medical version features a low, 5 µA at 250 VAC earth leakage figure for stringent medical applications. The range embraces current ratings from 1 A to 20 A versions, and dual stage, chassis mount versions are also available that provide greater attenuation levels than standard.

Saving on customer manufacturing costs, compact combined versions with single or dual fuse holder or fuse holder and switch reduce the amount of wiring and panel cutouts required. All models feature a bleed resistor and Faston terminals.

Offering better full power operating temperature and low cost without compromising quality, XP Power's IEC inlet EMI filters come with a three-year warranty.