TPS61165 High Brightness LED Driver

By Texas Instruments 204

TPS61165 High Brightness LED Driver

With a 40 V rated integrated switch FET, Texas Instruments' TPS61165 is a boost converter that drives up to 10 LEDs in series. The boost converter runs at a 1.2 MHz fixed switching frequency with 1.2 A switch current limit and allows for the use of a high brightness LED in general lighting.

The default white LED current is set with the external sensor resistor Rset, and the feedback voltage is regulated to 200 mV. During operation, the LED current can be controlled using the 1 wire digital interface (Easyscale™ protocol) through the CTRL pin. Alternatively, a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal can be applied to the CTRL pin through which the duty cycle determines the feedback reference voltage.


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