HI-3000H High-Temperature CAN Transceivers

By Holt Integrated Circuits Inc 308

HI-3000H High-Temperature CAN Transceivers

Holt Integrated Circuits' HI-3000H high-temperature transceiver family is capable of operation up to 200°C in an 8-pin CERDIP package, and up to 175°C in an 8-pin plastic SOIC package.

The devices support two modes of operation: Normal Mode and Standby Mode. The Standby Mode is a very-low-current mode that continues to monitor bus activity, allowing the external controller to manage wake-up. Superior common-mode receiver performance makes the device especially suitable for applications where ground reference voltages may vary from point-to-point over long distances along the CAN bus. In addition, the HI-3000H provides a SPLIT pin to give an output reference voltage of VDD/2. This can be used for stabilizing the recessive bus level when the split termination technique is used to terminate the bus.

The devices also feature a TXD dominant time-out feature to protect the bus from being driven into a permanent dominant state if the TXD pin becomes permanently low, due to application failure.

The HI-3001H is identical to the HI-3000H, except that the SPLIT pin is substituted with a VIO supply voltage pin. This allows the HI-3001H to interface digital I/O directly with 3.3 V controllers.

  • Extended temperature ranges -55°C to 200°C (ceramic CERDIP-8 package) and -55°C to 175°C (plastic SOIC-8 package)
  • Compatible with ARINC 825 and ISO 11898-5 standards
  • Signaling rates up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Internal VDD/2 voltage source available to stabilize the recessive bus level if split termination is used (SPLIT pin, HI-3000H)
  • VIO input allows for direct interfacing with 3.3 V controllers (VIO pin, HI-3001H)
  • Detection of permanent dominant on TXD pin (babbling idiot protection)
  • High impedance allows connection of up to 120 nodes
  • Input levels compatible with 3.3 V or 5 V controllers
  • CANH, CANL and SPLIT pins short-circuit proof to +/-58 V
  • Will not disturb the bus if unpowered
  • ARINC 825 and CANaerospace Avionics
  • Aerospace Controller Area Networks (CAN)
  • Industrial Automation and Process Control

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