Ultra-Thin SMD Display

By Kingbright Company LLC 328

Ultra-Thin SMD Display

As a pioneer in surface-mount display technology, Kingbright has developed the industry's first 0.56 inch character height, SMD LED display with a thickness of 0.094 inch (2.4 mm). This ultra-thin seven-segment SMD display is perfect for new designs and re-engineering projects. The ACXA56-51 package is 30% thinner than original 0.56 inch SMD display, overcomes physical dimension constraints, and offers a complete solution to designers seeking exceptional and vibrant features with flexibility. This package is available in single- and dual-digits, and in various colors. Even as technology continues to advance, our products remain ideal for applications in consumer electronics, handheld portables, appliances, and much more.

  • 0.094 inch (2.4 mm) total thickness
  • 0.56 inch (14.22 mm) character height
  • Available in single- and dual-digit (common anode)
  • Color selections: green, blue, red, and yellow
  • Gray face, white segment
  • Moisture sensitivity level 2a
  • Low power consumption
  • RoHS 2 compliant
  • Automation-friendly tape-and-reel package
  • Reflow soldering