IQ1030 Toggle Switch Sealing Boot

By APM Hexseal 242

IQ1030 Toggle Switch Sealing Boot

APM's IQ1030 Hexseal environmental sealing boot differs from other Hexseal boots in two important ways. First, the IQ1030 boot mounts on the same switches as APM's popular N1030 boot, but its appearance is different. It features a round mounting-nut base as opposed to the N1030 hex shaped base. Many panel designers prefer this option. Secondly, because of a different internal mounting-nut system, the switches external (outside) panel mounting-nut no longer must be removed - the IQ boot simply slides over it. The installer just slides the IQ over the nut, turns the boot three times, and it is done. This feature makes the IQ1030 highly desirable for maintenance and upgrade applications.

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