Graphic LCDs

By Kyocera International – Display Division 207

Graphic LCDs

Kyocera passive LCD products deliver remarkable readability in any ambient light environment condition, with exceptional performance over a wide operating temperature range. Multiple LED colors are available to choose from to meet your application needs. Omni-directional view (ODV) and advanced black nematic (ABN) technologies achieve superior front screen performance, such as very high contrast ratio (500:1), and a wide viewing angle that is comparable to vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD) but have the advantage of low power consumption and high resolution.

Passive LCD Brochure

Features Applications
  • Wide operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C (F‑55471); 0°C to +70°C (F-55472)
  • High contrast ratio up to 80:1
  • High brightness up to 100 nits (F-55471), up to 200 nits (F-55472)
  • High ambient-light legibility
  • Built-in controllers
  • Selectable interface
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Audio
  • Automotive
  • Measurement
  • Electric appliances
  • Meters
  • POS