MAX1160x Converters

By Maxim Integrated 192

MAX1160x Converters

Maxim Integrated's MAX11600, 11601, 11602, 11603, 11604, and 11605 low-power, 8-bit, multichannel, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature internal track/hold (T/H), voltage reference, clock, and an I2C-compatible 2-wire serial interface. These devices operate from a single supply and require only 350 µA at the maximum sampling rate of 188 ksps. AutoShutdown™ powers down the devices between conversions, reducing supply current to less than 1µA at low throughput rates. The MAX11600/MAX11601 provide 4 analog input channels each, the MAX11602/MAX11603 provide 8 analog input channels each, and the MAX11604/MAX11605 each provide 12 analog input channels. The analog inputs are software-configurable for unipolar or bipolar and single-ended or pseudo-differential operation.

The full-scale analog input range is determined by the internal reference or by an externally applied reference voltage ranging from 1 V to VDD. The MAX11601/MAX11603/MAX11605 all feature a 2.048 V internal reference, while the MAX11600/MAX11602/MAX11604 feature a 4.096 V internal reference.

The MAX11600/MAX11601 are both available in 8-pin SOT23 packages. The MAX11602 through MAX11605 are available in 16-pin QSOP packages. Each converter is guaranteed over the extended industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

  • High-speed I2C-compatible serial interface
    • 400 kHz fast mode
    • 1.7 MHz high-speed mode
  • Single supply
    • 2.7 V to 3.6 V (MAX11601/MAX11603/MAX11605)
    • 4.5 V to 5.5 V (MAX11600/MAX11602/MAX11604)
  • Internal reference
    • 2.048 V (MAX11601/MAX11603/MAX11605)
    • 4.096 V (MAX11600/MAX11602/MAX11604)
  • External reference: 1 V to VDD
  • Internal clock
  • Internal FIFO with channel-scan mode
  • Low power
    • 350 µA at 188 ksps
    • 110 µA at 75 ksps
    • 8 µA at 10 ksps
    • 1 µA in power-down mode
  • Software configurable unipolar/bipolar
  • Battery-powered test equipment
  • Handheld portable applications
  • Medical instruments
  • System supervision
  • Solar-powered remote systems