ULS Series DC/DC Power Converters

By Murata Power Solutions Inc 267

ULS Series DC/DC Power Converters

The world of "brick" DC/DC converters has seen a steady size reduction. Murata Power Solutions' ULS series makes another dramatic size shrink down to a "sixteenthbrick" width (0.9 in) while still retaining up to 66 W output and full 2250 VDC isolation. The PCB mount converter family accepts 36 to 75 VDC inputs and delivers fixed outputs regulated to within ±0.2%. The ULS converters are ideal for datacom and telecom applications, cell phone towers, data centers, server farms and network repeaters.

ULS outputs may be trimmed within ±10% of nominal output while delivering fast settling to current step loads and no adverse effects from higher capacitive loads. Excellent ripple and noise specifications assure compatibility to circuits using CPU’s, ASIC’s, programmable logic and FPGA’s. No minimum load is required. For systems requiring controlled startup/shutdown, an external remote On/Off control may use a switch, transistor, or digital logic. Remote sense inputs compensate for resistive line drops at high currents.

Many self-protection features on the ULS series avoid both converter and external circuit hazards. These include input undervoltage lockout and overtemperature shutdown. The outputs current limit using the "hiccup" autorestart technique and the outputs may be short-circuited indefinitely. Additional features include output overvoltage and reverse conduction elimination. The synchronous rectifier forward topology yields high efficiency for minimal heat buildup and "no fan" operation.

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