SP339 Multiprotocol Transceiver

By MaxLinear 257

SP339 Multiprotocol Transceiver

MaxLinear's SP339 is an advanced multiprotocol transceiver supporting RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 serial standards in a 40-pin QFN package.

Integrated cable termination and four configuration modes allow all three protocols to be used interchangeably over a single cable or connector with no additional switching components. Full operation requires only four external charge pump capacitors.

  • 20 Mbps data rate in RS-485 mode and 1 Mbps in RS-232 mode for increased data throughput
  • Integrated switched termination resistors for RS-485 eliminate external resistors and control relays, the largest issue with multiple protocols on a single shared connector
  • ±20 V fault tolerance allows direct shorts to ±20 V, indefinitely
  • Slew limited 256 kbps data rate is pin selectable for reduced EMI
  • ±15 kV ESD tolerance (HBM) brings increased system robustness and eliminates the need for external ESD protection.
  • Dual mode serial ports (RS-232 or RS-485)
  • Industrial computers
  • Process and industrial control equipment
  • Point-of-sale equipment
  • Networking equipment
  • HVAC controls equipment
  • Building security equipment

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