SMART Position Sensors

By Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions T&M 336

SMART Position Sensors

Honeywell's SMART Position Sensor is one of the most durable, adaptable, and lightweight position sensors available in the industry, enabling highly accurate motion control and improving operation efficiency and safety. Its simple, non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reducing wear and tear, improving reliability and durability, and minimizing downtime.

The SMART Position Sensor is a non-contacting sensing solution for absolute position sensing with enhanced accuracy. It senses the position of a magnet relative to the sensor in one of two available sensing ranges: 0° to 100° and 0° to 180°.

Why is the SMART Position Sensor smart? SMART means that this is a sensor that can essentially think on its own. SMART Position Sensors provide a self-diagnostics feature and data gathering for enhanced reliability and closed-loop feedback control.


  • Reliable: non-contact design reduces wear and tear, improving reliability and durability, minimizing downtime
  • Easy to install: installation takes four steps vs. up to 14 steps some competitive products require
  • Flexible: air gap tolerance of 7.8 ±2.5 mm (0.307 ±0.098 in.) (100°) and 8.5 ±2.5 mm (0.338 ±0.098 in.) (180°) between sensor and magnet expands application use
  • Cost effective: adaptable, non-contacting design allows customers to eliminate unnecessary connections for installation, thereby reducing installation steps/time and components
  • Adaptable: electronics on board allow for flexible packaging and component compatibility with existing systems
  • Lightweight: lighter in weight than optical encoders
  • Self-diagnostics feature can reduce equipment downtime by providing predictive maintenance input