QSFP and QSFP+ Interconnect Solutions

By Molex Connector Corporation 200

QSFP and QSFP+ Interconnect Solutions

Molex's quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP+) solution is designed for high-density applications. Components of the system include the electro magnetic interference (EMI) shielding cage, active optical cables (AOC), passive copper cable assembly, active copper cable assembly, optical MTP cable assembly, optical loopback, 38-circuit SMT iPass™ host connector, and stacked integrated connectors and cages.

The SFF-8436 document specifies a transceiver mechanical form factor with latching mechanism, host-board electrical-edge connector and cage. The hot-pluggable transceiver integrates 4 transmit and 4 receive channels. Molex's QSFP+ transceiver can replace up to 4 standard SFP+ transceivers. The result is greater port density and overall system cost savings over traditional SFP+ products. Molex's QSFP+ cable assemblies are designed to accommodate stacked and ganged connector configurations in extremely high-density requirements. This system will support 10 G Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, SAS and SONET/SDH standards with different data rate options.


  • AOC low bit error rate (BER) of 10e-18 errors per link
  • One piece, press-fit cage
  • 360° EMI cage shielding to bezel and transceiver
  • Zinc die-cast back shells on cable plug
  • Multiple ports
  • Hot-pluggable transceiver
  • Initial data rates up to 5 Gbps per lane, scaling up to 10 Gbps per lane
  • 0.80 mm pitch connector designed for placement under guide frame
  • SMT connector design
  • Automotive: switches
  • Networking: router/switch, SAS, and SATA
  • Telecommunications: hubs, routers, and switches