LPS1100 Thick Film Resistors

By Vishay/Sfernice 215

LPS1100 Thick Film Resistors

Vishay's LPS1100 is a power thick film resistor in a compact 57 mm by 60 mm package. The device offers a power rating of 1100 W at a heat sink temperature of + 25°C, and a high-temperature derating performance with a broad range of resistance values.

This thick film resistor is non-inductive (< 0.1 µH) and provides a resistance range from 1 Ω to 1.3 kΩ. Designed for easy mounting to a heat sink, the device’s compact footprint, low 25 mm profile, and low weight of 79 grams save valuable space to help designers reduce the size of their end products.

  • LPS high power: 1100 W
  • Wide resistance range: 1 Ω to 1.3 kΩ E24 series
  • Non inductive
  • Easy mounting
  • Low thermal radiation of the case
  • Compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

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