LLE Series Capacitors

By Rubycon 245

LLE Series Capacitors

Rubycon's LLE series is the first 20,000 hour miniaturized series introduced to the market. Based on size, with an ambient temperature of 105°C, this part can range up to the 20,000-hour rated life. The 10x16 size will yield a 10 year life with temperatures as high as 85°C (175°F) under loaded conditions. This is great news for LED driver designs that offer long life guarantees. Features include an airtight rubber bung seal with a thermally stable electrolyte. The LLE series is an ultra-long life capacitor that is perfect for lighting applications, or implementations where long life is required.


  • 160-400 Volt DC input
  • 1-33 µFD


  • Lighting and any other application where reliability and long life is required