LinkSwitch™-PL - Power Integrations

By Power Integrations 285

LinkSwitch™-PL - Power Integrations

Designed for compact LED replacement lamps, LinkSwitch™-PL from Power Integrations enables very small and low cost TRIAC dimmable, single-stage power factor corrected, constant current drivers for solid state lighting. LinkSwitch-PL is optimized for direct LED current sensing, operates over a wide input voltage range, and delivers output power up to 16 W. Its innovative control algorithm provides flicker-free TRIAC dimming with minimal external components.

Each device incorporates a 725 V rated power MOSFET, a novel discontinuous mode variable frequency/variable on-time controller, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown in a monolithic IC.


  • Dramatically simplifies off-line LED drivers
    • Single-stage power factor correction and accurate constant current (CC) output
    • Flicker-free, phase-controlled TRIAC dimming
    • Very low component count with small non-electrolytic bulk capacitor
    • Completely eliminates control loop compensation
  • Advanced performance features
    • Optimized for non-isolated flyback designs
    • Fast start-up time
    • Frequency jitter greatly reduces EMI filter size and costs
    • Low dissipation direct sensing of LED current
  • Advanced protection and safety features
    • Cycle skipping regulation for abnormally low output power to clamp peak output current delivered
    • 725 V integrated MOSFET allows small bulk capacitance and maximizes power capability
    • Short circuit, overload, open feedback and output overvoltage protection
    • Hysteretic thermal shutdown
    • Meets high-voltage creepage between DRAIN and all other pins both on PCB and at package