Fuse Clip 5 mm x 20 mm High Power 20 A 600 V - 100

By Littelfuse Inc 232

Fuse Clip 5 mm x 20 mm High Power 20 A 600 V - 100

The 100020 series fuse clips from Littelfuse designed for use as carriers for traditional 5 mm x 20 mm size fuses, are the first fuse clips that can meet the 20 A rated current and 600 V rated voltage application requirement for fuses of this size. They were developed to provide a printed circuit board (PCB) mounting solution for applications in which high power fuses are used. They are compatible with the Littelfuse 215 series (15 A to 20 A), 477 series (600 VAC / 400 VDC) and 977 series (450 VDC) fuses and are recognized under the components program of UL.

Features and Benefits

  • 20 A rated current / 600 V rated voltage ensures better, more reliable performance for high energy applications
  • Few other fuse clips on the market can meet the requirements of high power fuses with current ratings greater than 15 A and voltage ratings greater than 250 V
  • High current and voltage characteristics make these fuse clips well-suited for use with high power 5 mm x 20 mm fuses