Discrete Wire Products

By 3M 270

Discrete Wire Products

3M offers several solutions to help reduce the complexity of designing with discrete wires. These solutions include Power Clamp, Mini-Clamp II, and CHG series connectors.

3M Mini-Clamp II connectors make terminating discrete wire as easy as squeezing a pair of pliers. These 2mm socket and plug connectors use proven IDC contacts for reliable terminations in three and four positions. On the board mount side, one, two, or four socket modules can be chosen to manage cables. These connectors are part of a serial field bus system solution designed to reduce the space of sensor wires in factory automation machines when compared to parallel wiring approaches.

3M's Power Clamp connectors can accommodate wire diameters from 1.6 to 3.0 mm and conductor sizes from 18 to 20 AWG. They are also able to handle up to 10 A (one pin) or 7 A (multi-pin). A pair of pliers can be used to terminate wires. Offered in five positions, the Power Clamp connector includes a cover to inspect termination.

3M CHG series connectors enable designers to terminate discrete wires with up to 64 conductors in a convenient module and plug them into standard boxed or latch/eject headers. Utilizing proven IDC contracts for reliable terminations, these connectors are available in single- and dual-row versions with a choice of plating options.

Mini-Clamp II Features
  • Accommodates typical wiring specifications per European and North American suppliers
  • Easy, quick, and reliable IDC termination
  • Integrated cable retention
  • Accepts multiple wire size diameters
  • No special tooling needed
  • Latch helps enable rugged field termination
  • Compact design saves board space
  • High number of mating cycles
Power Clamp Features
  • One-touch latching mechanism
  • Polarization ensures proper interconnecting of mated pairs
  • Easy, labor saving, and reliable IDC termination
  • CC-Link Communication Interconnect Standard
CHG Series Features
  • Exclusive L/H 4-wipe contact
  • Various positions available
    • Single row: 2 to 36 positions
    • Dual-row: 6 to 72 positions
  • Dual-row polarized version
  • IDC with individual strain reliefs on each contact
  • AWG discrete or flat cable wire