DF59 Series Multi-Functional System

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 196

DF59 Series Multi-Functional System

The exciting DF59 series from Hirose Electric is here. The DF59 system is a versatile series that allows connections to the PCB in three ways: board-to-wire, a co-planer board-to-board bridge connection, and a short-circuit pin connection. Another key point is the swing lock mating feature. This feature gives both a friction and a positive lock with a tactile “click” sound that assures complete and proper mating.

The pin counts are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-positions and have a contact pitch of 2 mm. Current capacity is rated at 3 A and its mated height is a under 3 mm.

Typical applications can include: LED lighting, medical devices / machines, test and measurement equipment, industrial equipment, consumer electronics and other devices that require a low profile power connector.