B3277 High-Density Series Film Capacitors

By EPCOS 367

B3277 High-Density Series Film Capacitors

The B3277 high-density series from EPCOS, which is much more compact than other versions available in the market, has results that are competitive in terms of capacitance per unit of volume, even when compared to electrolytic designs together with other parameters such as capacitance stability and lifetime. TDK-EPC offers a wide range of capacitances and voltages up to 110 µF.

The interest in film capacitors has revived recently as a result of their successful introduction in new industrial applications, such as power converters for new renewable energies (solar, wind), heavy duty drives for motors, and in general for critical applications (hybrid automotive systems and energy distribution).

A relevant function of film capacitors in these applications is the DC-link position, where it is subjected to a main DC voltage accompanied by a high frequency ripple signal. The response to this high frequency signal and the existing peak voltage in the application determines the suitability of the capacitor.

The main characteristics of film capacitors fit very well to the basic requirements of these applications. Besides the high reliability, long useful time, and excellent self-healing, a product can be achieved with excellent overvoltage capabilities and good performance up to 105°C.

  • Rated voltages of 450 VDC to 1300 VDC
  • High cap density: capacitance range from 1.5 µF to 110 µF
  • High ripple current: up to 20 A IRMS at 70°C 10 KHz
  • Self-healing: higher peak over-voltage
  • Stable capacitance and electrical parameters over time and temperature
  • Long useful life up to 200 KHrs
  • Operation up to 105°C