AEO40x48 Single Output 1/8th Brick Converter

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies/Norvell Electronics 204

AEO40x48 Single Output 1/8th Brick Converter

Artesyn's AEO40x48 series is a high current 1/8th brick industry standard offering. Operating from an input voltage range of 36 V to 75 V, the series provides 7 configured outputs starting from 1.2 V all the way up to 12 V. It delivers up to 40 A max current at 1.8 V and lower, offering impressive levels of efficiency. It provides tight regulation and exhibits clean and monotonic output start up characteristics. The AEO series comes with industry-standard features such as input UVLO; non-latching OCP, OVP and OTP; output trim; and differential remote sense pins. Baseplate construction is available, as well as TH or SMT termination. With its wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C ambient, the converters are deployable into almost any environment.

  • 2.3" x 0.9" industry-standard 1/8th brick outline
  • Baseplate or open-frame construction
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Regulation to zero load
  • High capacitive load start-up
  • Fixed frequency switching for EMI predictability
  • Meets basic insulation
  • EU directive 2002/95/EC compliant for RoHS

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