804 Series TE Type Radial Fuses

By Littelfuse Inc 202

804 Series TE Type Radial Fuses

Littelfuse 804 series of TE time-lag subminiature fuses protects AC circuits from damaging overcurrent. The compact design meets the requirements of the IEC 60127-4 standard for universal modular fuse-links (UMF). Although small in size, the 804 series fuses have a high interrupting rating and high inrush-current withstand that allow them to be used as replacements for 5 mm x 20 mm glass cartridge fuses that are common in many applications. In addition, the leads on these TE-style fuses need no forming prior to mounting, which simplifies assembly.

  • Rated for -40°C to +125°C for reliable protection in high ambient temperatures
  • High nominal melting I2t allows for high inrush-current withstand
  • Exceptionally high interrupt rating
  • Wide selection of current ratings (800 mA to 6.3 A) fit many different applications
  • Battery chargers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial controllers