4.7" WQVGA Touch Screen LCD Kit and SOMDIMM M

By Future Designs, Inc. 204

4.7" WQVGA Touch Screen LCD Kit and SOMDIMM M

Future Design's DK-47WQT-RX62N is optimized to save development time in typical embedded control applications. The modular format uses a base carrier board, a core CPU SOMDIMM, and a LCD Carrier Board. The base carrier board includes expansion connectors for added flexibility and a range of configurations. FDI offers low cost customization services for customer specific hardware, software or packaging applications at volumes of 500 units or more.

The SOMDIMM-RX62N provides a quick and easy solution for implementing an RX600 based design by providing the basic functions necessary for a product on an easy to use SOMDIMM. The SOMDIMM uses an industry standard 200 pin SO-DIMM interface. These sockets are utilized by virtually every laptop on the market.

This SOMDIMM is compatible with FDI's family of touch screen LCD kits but can also be used for custom platform development or customer applications.