C2000 Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

By Texas Instruments 538

C2000 Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

Texas Instruments' complete, easy-to-use kit enables developers to leverage C2000™ real-time control microcontrollers to innovate feature-laden, intelligent automotive, and stage lighting applications. Delivering more design flexibility for lighting systems that require varying LED types or string lengths, the new easy-to-use C2000 MCU Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit reduces system cost and complexity by using a single Piccolo™ MCU to control all power stages and drive independent LED strings. One Piccolo MCU is able to directly control eight separate DC/DC power stages as well as up to eight LED strings of various LED types and string lengths. The development board takes 12V to 24V DC input and employs six Boost and two SEPIC DC/DC power stage topologies to drive LED strings.

  • Eight separate digitally controlled DC/DC 12-24 V power stages allow developers to adjust current levels to control color and brightness of individual strings
  • Two SEPIC stages support white LEDs and six boost power stages support color mixing for two RGB LED strings by providing individual current control of the red, green, and blue color components
  • Piccolo F28027 controlCARD provides 60MHz of 32-bit performance, 8 PWM channels and a 13-channel 12-bit ADC for high resolution current and voltage sensing
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies the evaluation process by providing simplified control to adjust power stage current levels for experimentation with brightness and color mixing
  • Software configurable maximum current allows for simple field upgrades and offers flexibility to adjust power stages in software as opposed to time-intensive redesign of system hardware
  • Onboard isolated XDS100 USB JTAG emulation simplifies debugging and programming while reducing system cost
  • Easy-to-use, open source and free controlSUITE™ software includes examples for closed loop control of DC/DC power and LED driver stages as well as detailed lab documentation of software structure and functionality
  • Leading TI signal chain integration, including power MOSFET drivers, operational amplifiers, plug-in power module, and low-dropout regulator (LDO)

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